We’ve got some changes to February Monthly Goals you’re going to LOVE!

There are some changes for February Monthly Goals! You can still earn up to a 1,000 Point bonus, but we’ve got some new additions to spice things up:

  1. We’ve added nCrave as another activity for which you can set goals. Like most of the other activities, it is OPTIONAL.
  2. The only non-optional activity is still the Daily 5 for which the minimum will be 5 completions for February.
  3. You will be able to claim your Bonus as soon as you complete your goals! After the submission deadline has passed, once you complete your goals a CLAIM BONUS button will appear on your progress tracker to allow you to get your bonus Points immediately! No more waiting until the next month for Points to be awarded.
  4. You will be able to access your February Progress Tracker to review your completed goals after the month ends.

Please note:  as of February 1, survey completions refer only to those surveys taken via SurveyMail or the SurveyZone. If you complete Peanut Labs surveys via MyPoints Deals/Discover offers, those completions will NOT count towards your monthly goals!

In the past you only needed one gift card redemption or MyGiftCardsPlus purchase to complete those goals no matter what number you submitted. Starting February 1, please only set your purchase or redemption goals for the number of actual purchases and/or redemptions you plan to complete in the month as you must meet your submitted goal in order to claim your bonus. Also, if you’re setting a purchase goal of more than one MyGiftCardsPlus eCard, make sure you make your purchases in separate transactions.

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