Take the 7-Day Challenge in May to earn up to 1,500 Bonus Points!

It’s time to set goals again! This month’s Challenge begins on Monday, May 16th and runs through Sunday, May 22nd.

This month, EVERYTHING is optional! No minimum requirements for ANY activity.

You can set your goals starting today through Wednesday, May 18th–but keep in mind no activities are tracked until your goals have been submitted!

This means if you wait until the last minute on Wednesday to submit your goals, make sure to adjust for the fact that you will only have 4-5 days to complete them.

For tips on setting your Challenge goals, check out this blog post!


Partial To-Do List completions: This means checking off five items on your To-Do List to earn Points including the Deal of the Day. The maximum is 7. Minimum bonus for this activity is 5 Points, maximum bonus is 75 Points. For tips on completing your ToDo List, check out this blog post.

Meet Your Daily Goal: This is the number of times you will meet your Daily Goal Point threshold during the 7-Day Challenge. The maximum is 7. The minimum bonus is 5 Points, the maximum is 75 Points. For tips on completing your Daily Goal, check out this blog post.

Complete Surveys: Maximum is 40. Minimum bonus is 10 Points, maximum is 450 Points.

Everyday (Survey) Receipts uploaded: This is optional. The minimum bonus is 3 Points for 1 receipt upload and the maximum is 10 with a total bonus of 30 Points.

Discover offers completed: This is an optional activity. The minimum bonus is 10 Points for 1 completion, the maximum is 70 Points for 7. For tips on completing MyPoints Deals/Discover offers, check out this blog post.

Adding Magic Receipt offer to your shopping list: For US members, the minimum bonus is 5 for one offer added. The maximum is 30 for a maximum bonus of 25 Points. For CA members, the minimum is the same, but the maximum is 10 offers for 25 Points.

US Only:

Uploading a Magic Receipt: This is an optional activity for the US since it requires completion of a single Magic Receipts offer worth at least 50 Points to mark off this goal. The minimum bonus is 100 Points for one Magic Receipt upload, the maximum bonus is 525 for 7 receipt uploads.

For tips on successfully uploading your receipt, check out this blog post. For reasons why your receipt was rejected, check out this blog post.

MyGiftCardsPlus transactions: This is an optional activity for the number of purchase transactions made at MyGiftCardsPlus. The minimum bonus is 50 Points for one transaction and the maximum bonus is 250 Points for 3 transactions. If you are setting a goal that’s greater than one, make sure that your purchases are made in SEPARATE transactions. To ensure your MGC+ transactions are credited to MyPoints, check out this blog post.

CA Only:

Uploading a Magic Receipt: This is an optional activity for CA since it requires completion of a Magic Receipts offer to mark off this goal. The minimum bonus is 10 Points for one Magic Receipt upload, the maximum bonus is 100 for 7 receipt uploads.

Once you’ve completed your goals, you will be able to claim your bonus! Please note that bonus Points must be CLAIMED, they are not automatically added to your account. If you do not claim your Bonus prior to the Challenge’s end, you will still be able to claim your Bonus for five days afterwards. The deadline for claiming your bonus Points for this month’s Challenge is May 27, 2022.

The Claim Bonus button and your Progress Tracker will be accessible for 5 days after the Challenge period ends so there is no longer any need to navigate to the Challenge period.

Rewarding Moments: May 12, 2022

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from Tracy Rewis who discovered MyPoints from a Facebook post and joined in June 2000.

His favorite ways to earn are BonusMail and doing the daily To-Do List.

This is his story:

“When I discovered MyPoints, I read all the information and just couldn’t believe it would be this simple to earn real money.

But I thought to myself this would be a great way to earn some rewards and trade them for gift cards to give to my granddaughters. At the same time I was skeptical because there are so many scams on the internet, but I signed up and the emails starting coming to my inbox.

I would click the links each day and then I would check MyPoints page to see if I actually got the Points and sure enough they started adding up and I was excited to see I was really getting what you promised.

I have two beautiful granddaughters and I am not a rich man, so when I found MyPoints I was enthused to learn I could trade my points earned for Gift cards.

I have cashed in multiple times for $100 dollar Wal-Mart gift cards. I give one $100 card to each of my granddaughters for Christmas.

Thank you MyPoints for giving me a way to show my babies how much I love them. One Happy Grandpa, Tracy Rewis”

Thanks, Tracy, for sticking with MyPoints for almost 20 years now! In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account.

Got a Rewarding Moment made possible by MyPoints? Submit it via this form for a chance to be awarded 1,500 Points if selected!

Recipe of the Week: Veggie Tofu Scramble

This plant-based dish is a healthy way to save the planet and earn up to 1,454 Points!


  • 14 ounces firm tofu
  • 1 tbsp. olive oil
  • 1/2 red bell pepper, diced
  • 1/2 yellow onion, diced (earn 3 Points)
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tbsp. green onion, chopped
  • Additional green onion for garnish
  • 2 tsp. Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 tsp. turmeric
  • 1/2 tsp. Italian seasoning (earn 85 Points)
  • 1/4 tsp. sea salt
  • Pepper to taste
  • 2 slices of Nurishh Cheddar Style Slices (earn up to 1,360 Points)
  • 2 slices of bread, toasted (earn 3 Points)
  • Sliced avocado (earn 3 Points)


  • Drain and crumble tofu with fork or potato masher. Set aside.
  • Heat olive oil in a pan on a medium-high heat.
  • Add bell pepper and onion, sauté until tender for 6-7 minutes.
  • Add garlic and cook for 30 seconds.
  • Mix in tofu, green onion, Dijon mustard and spices.
  • Cook for about 6 minutes until tofu absorbs all the flavors.
  • Turn off heat.
  • Place 2 slices of Nurishh Cheddar Style Slices on top of tofu.
  • Cover pan with lid until melted.
  • Sprinkle with green onion.

See full recipe here.

Tuesday Tips: Updates to the To-Do List

Due to inventory issues, Watch has been replaced on the To-Do List.

In its place “Activate Score!” will be an activity on your To-Do list.

In addition, “Log into the MyPoints app” will be an activity for your To-Do List.

If you have the app, you may need to log out and back in to check this activity off your To-Do List.

In order for Score! to be marked off, the browser extension must be enabled for the same browser you are using to navigate to MyPoints and complete your To-Do List.

Also on days where Upload a Magic Receipt is an activity, you will need to upload a Receipt tied to a specific Magic Receipt offer in order to mark this activity off your list. On Days where Upload a Magic Receipt is an activity, the full To-Do List Bonus will total 20 Points vs. 10 Points for days where Upload a Magic Receipt is NOT an activity.

Rewarding Moments: May 5, 2022

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from Christina Crain who joined MyPoints in January 2021 after finding us via a web search.

Her favorite ways to earn include Bingo, Surveys and daily to-do list items.

This is her story:

“I enjoy trying products and sharing my experiences. I feel empowered by having a voice that matters and is helpful.

I discovered My points and have been so excited to earn Points towards rewards like gift cards. I’ve used my rewards to help pay for groceries, gifts and other things I wouldn’t normally have the money to purchase.

Most recently, I bought my daughter a birthday present using a gift card I earned from MyPoints. She was quite excited and I love that I was able to be a good mom and get her something she loved.

MyPoints made that all possible.”

We love creating rewarding moments like this for our members! Thanks, Christina for sharing your story. In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account.

Got a Rewarding Moment made possible by MyPoints? Submit it via this form for a chance to be awarded 1,500 Points if selected!

Recipe of the Week: Babybel Cheese Dippers

This recipe is great for movie marathons or weekend sport binges plus will earn you up to 1,026 Points!


  • Babybels (earn up to 1,020 Points)
  • 1 1/4 cup Chilli Heatwave Doritos (earn 3 Points)
  • 2 eggs, beaten (earn 3 Points)
  • 2/3 cup plain flour


  1. Preheat oven to 425°F. Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Remove the Babybels from their packaging and wax casings.
  2. Pour Doritos into a seal-able sandwich bag and bash with a rolling pin until they resemble breadcrumbs.
  3. Dip each Babybel into the flour, then egg, then crushed Doritos. Then dip them in the egg again, followed by the crushed Doritos, until the entire Babybel is covered.
  4. Place the Babybels onto the baking tray and bake for 10-15 minutes until golden and starting to ooze. Serve immediately.

See full recipe here.

Tuesday Tips: A New Way to Never Miss Out on Point Perks!

Our Score! browser extension just got even more rewarding! In addition to alerting you when you’re shopping on a MyPoints retail partner site and applying coupons and promo codes at checkout, Score! is also your partner for Point Perks.

Not only can you redeem your Point Perk codes via the Score! extension, but now you can receive notifications for when the Point Perks are released with the Score! extension:

If you have Score! added to your browser, you’ll receive a pop-up notification like the one above when a Point Perk code is active. Just click on the notification link to be taken to the page where the Perk code is located.

Shopping Points, coupon codes and Point Perks all brought to you by the Score! browser extension. If you haven’t added Score! to your browser, download it today and never miss out on Points!

Earn BIG and Celebrate Mom!

Mother’s Day is less than a week away and we’ve got increased Points to make gift-giving more rewarding!

Say it with flowers from Proflowers or FTD and earn 1,300 Points for each order. You can also earn 12 Points per dollar at From You Flowers.

Treat Mom to a new or signature fragrance, or make-up or skincare with 12 Points per dollar at Sephora, 10 Points per dollar at Clinique or 8 Points per dollar at Laura Geller.

More great gifts can be found at QVC at 16 Points per dollar, JCPenney at 12 Points per dollar, or Overstock at 8 Points per dollar.

There are dozens more increased Point offers but this sale ends soon so shop our Mother’s Day sale now!

Play BINGO and earn up to $5!

Earn up to 750 Bonus Points or 250 Points for Canadian members for this easy BINGO Board.

Pre-registration starts at 8 am PT today, Friday, April 29th and the BINGO Board starts at 8 am PT on Monday, May 2nd.

You can join anytime before the submission deadline at 11:59 pm PT on Monday, May 9th, but only activities completed AFTER you join will mark off your BINGO squares.

BINGO activities will include:

  • Clicking through the Board to visit a variety of Shop merchants
  • Visiting a specified merchant and activating the Score! banner
  • Voting in the Daily Poll
  • Adding specific Magic Receipt offers to your shopping list (PRO TIP: You may need to delete and re-add offers to get this square marked off.)

US only

CA only

You must submit your completed pattern by 11:59 pm PT on Monday, May 9th to claim your Bonus.

Rewarding Moments: April 28, 2022

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from Bridget Lewis who joined MyPoints in April 2016 via a referral by her sister.

Her favorite ways to earn are watching videos and doing surveys.

This is her story:

“I’ve been a member for 4 yrs or so (it’s actually been SIX years, Bridget!) and I’ve never been able to afford a airline ticket to visit my kids and grandchildren, but doing MyPoints I’ve been able to visit 2 times a year.

I’m truly blessed to be able to see all my family because I now live in Florida and my family is in Minnesota.

Thanks so much to MyPoints, I’ve been able to be active in all there life to have been going to parks and picnics and even have been able to get gift cards and buy many gifts for the grand kids, and the pleasure of seeing the look on my grand baby’s faces is priceless

I also have a terminal lung disease and being able to spend the time I have left with them is also priceless and Delta airline through MyPoints has accompanied my need to giving me a wheel chair ride to my gate when I travel with them.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Bridget! In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account.

Got a Rewarding Moment made possible by MyPoints? Submit it via this form for a chance to be awarded 1,500 Points if selected!