Tuesday Tips: How many times can I complete an In-Store Deals offer?

In-Store Deals make grocery shopping trips more rewarding, allowing member to earn up to 5,100 Points for purchasing specific products and uploading the receipt.

How many times can you complete an In-Store offer and earn Points? Can I buy multiple quantities of an item and earn Points for each on the receipt?

For answers to these questions, you can refer to the specific offer for details. Some offers will require a purchase of multiple quantities in order to earn the maximum Points. Others allow for repeat purchases within a certain time frame.

When you click on an In-Store offer, terms regarding how many times the offer can be redeemed will be displayed on the left:

In the example above, you can earn Points for this offer once per month. Also in order to earn the stated 1,020 Points, you must purchase TWO at Walmart.

When you expand the fine print, you can verify which specific products are eligible for the Point award:

Also, the details specific the additional 1,020 Point Bonus for purchasing two Tidy Cat cat litter products AND Friskies by Purina can only be earned once.

Make sure to read all the details so you know:

  1. what products are eligbile
  2. what quantity you need to purchase
  3. what retailer(s) you need to make the purchase from
  4. what the deadline is to upload your receipt
  5. how many times the offer can be completed
  6. and what the timeframe is for multiple completions

To avoid having your receipt rejected, check out this blog post on common reasons why this happens.

Earn 5,000 Points for Playing Games!

If you’ve never played WorldWinner/GSN games via MyPoints, here’s a great offer to get you started:

  1. Make your first deposit $10 via MyPoints and earn 50 Points.
  2. Earn 4 Points per dollar played in WorldWinner entry fees.
  3. Play 20 or more cash games on WorldWinner.com and earn 5,000 Points!

That’s a total of 5,090 Points which equates to over $35, so you net over $25 just for playing games.

WorldWinner Cash Tournaments include Bejeweled 2, Solitaire Rush, Wheel of Fortune and Angry Birds Champions.

This offer ends on September 30th, so don’t miss out! Bonus Points will be awarded by 10/14/20.

Friday Round-Up: National Cheeseburger Day Edition

Here’s what’s making news this week:

Forbes reports that President Trump’s payroll tax holiday, which started this month, could be challenged in Congress. The deferral period was set to run through the end of the year, but only applies to the 6.2% employee share of Social Security and must be repaid by April 30, 2021.

Over $1 billion in unemployment aid is being threatened by fraud, according to this NBCNews post.

In Colorado, cybercriminals took advantage of the unemployment system so aggressively that over the course of one month, 75 percent of applications were ruled fraudulent. In Pennsylvania, thousands of inmates applied and qualified for benefits before getting caught. In California, officials suspect fraud is behind a recent spike of more than 100,000 extra claims.

Speaking of unemployment, while millions wait for Congress to pass another stimulus package, there are still relief measures for those suffering from the economic fallout related to the pandemic. CNBC outlines what help you can currently rely on.

Coronavirus-accelerated bankruptcies are leaving shopping malls with lots of vacancies, but rather than renting to another store, landlords are looking for new types of tenants per this CNN Business article. Where space was once dedicated to mall-staples like Claire’s and JCPenney, doctor and dentist offices are now taking over the empty stores. In one case, a vacated Sears is becoming a charter school.

You don’t need an Amazon Prime membership to get free stuff from the web’s largest retailer. Money Talks News lists 10 things that are free–no membership required.

As mentioned earlier, it is National Cheeseburger Day so check out these deals and freebies at USA Today.

Rewarding Moments: September 17, 2020

This week’s Rewarding Moment shows that good things can come from tough times–like the pandemic we are all suffering through. Robert Cullen has been a member since 2003 and has found a bright spot in the midst of COVID-19 courtesy of MyPoints.

Here is his story:

“I first joined in 2003 when I was first out of college & didn’t have a lot of money. Great way to earn gift cards and more!

[My rewarding moment] happened when COVID-19 first hit.

We live in a small town and only have one grocery store. The store regularly sold out of meat & fish, and to be honest I was nervous about running out of food. 

The idea came to search through the available gift cards on MyPoints because I had a lot of Points.  I came across Omaha Steaks, which I had never tried before.  I redeemed Points for a gift card and we ordered a mixture of meat & fish. 

The package arrived in less than a week and we were really impressed with the quality of the items we bought.  We’ve now done two more purchases since.  Thanks to MyPoints we found a new company to buy our favorites cuts of meat and fish.

My 3 year old loves to help cook.  [The] picture is of her putting pesto sauce on the salmon that we bought from Omaha Steaks.  It was delicious!”

Thanks for sharing your story, Robert! We’ve added 1,500 Points to your account towards your next Omaha Steaks gift card.

Got a Rewarding Moment made possible by MyPoints? For details on how to submit it for a chance to be awarded 1,500 Points if selected, check this post for guidelines and where to send your story to!

Tuesday Tips: What are MyPoints Bonus Points?

You may have noticed a new addition to the MyPoints menu: a Bonus Points page!

What are Bonus Points and why is there a dedicated page for it?

On occasion, you may receive an exclusive offer either via email or a takeover ad on our site. This offer might offer you double Points on your next shopping purchase, or 20% more Points for each survey completion or a bonus for completion an In-Store Deals offer.

If you have a special offer applied to your account, it will be listed on this page. These are limited time offers and in the status column you will be able to see how much time you have left to complete the offer and receive the bonus.

For more details on Bonus Points, check out this Help Center article.

Earn MORE with MyPoints Kick Off to Fall Sale!

We’ve increased Points on dozens of your favorite merchants so now is a great time to shop!

Get ready for Autumn weather with Kohl’s and American Eagle at 6 Points per dollar, LOFT at 4 Points per dollar and Carter’s is 7 Points per dollar.

Whether it’s holiday decor or just updating home furnishing to be a bit cozier as winter approaches, we’ve got you covered with 6 Points per dollar for Overstock and 8 Points per dollar for Plow & Hearth and Ashley HomeStore.

You can brave the element with outdoor gear from Cabela’s, now 7 Points per dollar, Carhartt at 3 Points per dollar and Under Armour at 5 Points per dollar.

This sale won’t last long, so shop now and earn BIG!

Rewarding Moments: September 10, 2020

There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling that comes with helping others. That’s the feeling we get at MyPoints when we help create Rewarding Moments for our members–and for many of our members, it’s the feeling they get when they use their MyPoints rewards to help others.

Such is the case with member Laurie Jaszewski who joined MyPoints in October 2000. Here is her story:

“I have been a member a long time and don’t recall how I joined up with the MyPoints crew.

I use all my rewards points for Walmart gift cards which I then use to purchase food and hygiene items for our Little Free Pantry. 

It is a neighborhood project, a cabinet in front of a school that anyone can contribute to, or take what they need.  There are young families and elderly high rise apartments in the area, so it gets a lot of use. 

So rewarding.  Thanks MyPoints!”

Thanks for sharing your story, Laurie! We’ve added 1,500 Points to your account towards your next Walmart gift card redemption to keep that community pantry stocked.

Got a Rewarding Moment made possible by MyPoints? For details on how to submit it for a chance to be awarded 1,500 Points if selected, check this post for guidelines and where to send your story to!

Tuesday Tips: How to Claim Your Daily Goal Bonus Points

If you receive an email alerting you to Daily Goal Bonus Points, congratulations!

This means you were able to complete your Daily Goal one or more days during the previous month and earn a bonus.

These bonus Points are available to claim starting the 5th day of the following month through the 15th.

Clicking through the email should open the Daily Goal exposing the orange claim button, but if you’re not logged into MyPoints, then you will just end up on the MyPoints Home page.

If this is the case, just log into your MyPoints account and click on the Daily Goal button in the upper right of the navigation menu:

After you open your Daily Goal, you will see the orange Claim My Bonus button on the right starting on the 5th through the 15th of the following month:

Just click the button and the bonus Points for Daily Goals completions and any applicable streaks will be awarded to your account:

Once claimed, your Daily Goal Points will show on your Account Statement as “Daily Meter Bonus.” If you completed any streaks, they will be awarded as “Meter Super Bonus.”

The Daily Goal bonus is different from the 7-Day Challenge Bonus. For details on how to claim the latter, check out this blog post.

Take the 7-Day Challenge in September to earn up to 800 Bonus Points!

The 7-Day Challenge is back! This time around we’ve made a few adjustments:

  1. The challenge will be open to Canadian members as well as those in the US. The maximum bonus award for US will be 800 Points; for Canadians it will be 425 Points.
  2. The goal submission period starts at midnight on Monday, 9/7 through 11:59 pm PT on Sunday, 9/13.
  3. The Challenge period will start at midnight on Monday, 9/14 through 11:59 pm PT on Sunday 9/20.
  4. The only requirements are a minimum of 2 survey completions and 3 To-Do List completions (5 items) for both US/CA and one In-Store Deal added to your shopping list (no purchase required) for US.
  5. Coupons will not be a required or even optional goal.

Additional OPTIONAL activities will include:

You can claim your Bonus as soon as you complete your goals (once your Progress Tracker updates) and you will have up to 5 days after the Challenge ends to claim your Points.

Rewarding Moments: September 3, 2020

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from Mandy Tai of Vancouver, BC who has been a member of MyPoints since January 2005.

Here is her story:

“My co-worker referred me to MyPoints to earn monies back on my online shopping back when online shopping was still pretty new.

During this pandemic period of Covid-19, everyone’s mood has been pretty anxious. We are also staying-at-home with our little kids who cannot go to school and are missing their friends, AND they have a lot of pent-up energy so its been driving us a bit crazy!

All the playgrounds are closed with the city taping barriers around them to discourage trespassing. The kids were getting bored with the little toys we do have at home and everyone’s a bit angry at home.

So I decided to redeem the Points I’ve been earning for a while now on MyPoints.com for Amazon gift cards to get something to reward the whole family.

I ordered a scooter through them and it arrived safely at our home. What a change to the mood in the home! The kids saw the package arriving and were excited to see what was in it. When they saw the scooter, there was a lot of squeals of joy.

The kids love the new scooter and they can get some exercise in without going to the playground. My eldest is very proud to show off in front of the neighbors’ homes her new pink scooter.

It’s giving us some happy family memories to keep our mind off all the negative news going around lately and to relieve some tension of being cooped up at home.”

Thanks for sharing this story, Mandy! We are happy to offer a bright spot in the midst of a global pandemic. In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account towards other diversions for the kids.

Got a Rewarding Moment made possible by MyPoints? For details on how to submit it for a chance to be awarded 1,500 Points if selected, check this post for guidelines and where to send your story to!