Tuesday Tips: How to Complete Discover Offers

We’ve seen many questions with regards to the Discover activity as part of the To-Do List. At the end of October 2018, we announced changes to the To-Do List that would allow MyPoints to keep offering this opportunity for members to earn 5 Bonus Points for completing five MyPoints activities.

Prior to the change, members only had to visit the Discover page to check this activity off their To-Do List. With the changes, members must now COMPLETE a Discover offer and earn the Points that day to get this activity checked off their To-Do List. Just visiting the page or clicking on the Discover offer will not result in Discover being checked off your list.

There are many Discover offers available and while some require purchases, many can be completed without spending any money. If you do complete a Discover offer that requires a purchase, please keep in mind it will only check off your To-Do List when the Points are awarded.

If you scroll through the offers displayed on the Discover page, look for ones that award Points for signing up, such as Huggies Rewards, Pillsbury or RewardBee. At the bottom of the page are even more offers from partners like Trial Pay, Revenue Universe, AdGate Media, Offer Toro, AdGem and Peanut Labs. These partners feature numerous offers, many of which do not require a purchase.

One such easy offer is AdGate Media’s print coupons deal.

You can also use the category dropdown menu in the upper right to select Content Discovery. Most of these offers credit immediately (or within 5 minutes) just by clicking.

Please note that completed Peanut Labs surveys taken via the Discover/Deals page will check off Surveys off your To-Do List activities, not Discover. These surveys, however, do not count towards your survey total forĀ  your Monthly Goals Progress Tracker unless they are taken via the SurveyZone.

Another easy Discover offer is the Take a Discovery break video located under Watch. If you click through a Discover offer BonusMail which offers Points for clicking (to visit offer, watch a video, etc.), this will also check off on your To-Do List.

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