Wear It Wednesday: Micro Handbags

Teeny tiny handbags were all the rage during the Paris Fashion Week preview for Fall 2019. Although ridiculously cute, the micro bags are far from functional–barely capable of storing even a quarter for a payphone much less one’s smartphone or credit cards.

Given the impracticality of a microscopic bag–not to mention the exorbitant price tag of $345 – 795–we decided to come up with some purse alternatives that are mini without being micro.

This houndtooth print mini by Kate Spade is only 5.4″ x 8″ but will still fit your wallet, smartphone, lipstick and more. It’s on sale for $98 and will earn 3 Points per dollar.

Get this 6 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ Cross-body Event bag at Express for less than $28 and earn 2 Points per dollar.


This Petite Handbag with detachable chain is only 4 3/4″ x  7″ and comes in Coral or Gold. Earn 3 Points per dollar at QVC and snag it for less than $29 including shipping and handling.

This 9 1/2″ x 6″ travel clutch offers RFID protection and plenty of storage space for less than $16 and 2 Points per dollar at Kohl’s.

Finally, this 9″ x 5″ Nine West pouchette is pretty in pink and on sale for less than $25 and 6 Points per dollar at Macy’s.

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