Changes to the Daily 5

A year and a half ago, MyPoints introduced a new way to earn Points: the Daily 5. Members could complete 5 of 8 activities to earn 5 Bonus Points. The Daily 5 was developed to encourage MyPoints members to engage in a variety of activities–which in turn would help accelerate earnings to reach their next reward.

Since its launch, the Daily 5 has become very popular with tens of thousands of members completing and earning 5 Bonus Points everyday. While in many cases the Daily 5 has encouraged members to participate in a variety of Point-earning activities, its current configuration does not maximize member engagement.

To this end, we’ve made some small tweaks to the Daily 5 as a way of challenging members to be more active with the MyPoints program. These changes will take effect on November 1, 2018–so please keep this in mind as you set your Monthly Goals as completing the Daily 5 will not be as easy as it was previously.

What’s staying the same?

  1. Vote in the Daily Poll: This activity remains the same. We post a daily question. You vote on the option most relevant to you and collect a free Point and check one off your Daily 5 list. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.
  2. Visit the featured merchant: A different merchant and offer is featured daily. Just click through to visit the merchant and check another off your Daily 5 list. Plus if you complete the offer, you can earn Points!
  3. Read an Email: This activity refers to MyPoints BonusMail offers which award Points for visiting the merchant’s site. The activity will be completed on your Daily 5 list if: the BonusMail offers visit Points, those visit Points have not been awarded on a previous day’s click and the BonusMail offer is not expired. Please note that this activity is credited the first time you click the BonusMail and earn the 5 Points for the click.
  4. Watch a Video Playlist: Complete a video playlist and earn Points! Plus check another off your Daily 5 list. Having issues with videos? We’ve got some trouble-shooting tips that can help. Only have a mobile device? Try our Daily Scoop app to earn video Points as well as completing this activity for your Daily 5.
  5. Complete an nCrave: Earn Points while discovering curated content plus check another off your Daily 5 list! If you are having issues accessing nCrave content, please contact Member Services to see if it you have been erroneously flagged by verification services and whether your account can be whitelisted.

What’s changing?

  1. Printing coupons: This option will no longer be a Daily 5 activity due to the fact that reporting is delayed by at least one business day. You can still earn 1 Point per coupon you print and, for a limited time, 25 Points for each coupon you redeem.
  2. Take a Survey: MyPoints partners with Market Research firms to provide survey opportunities for its members. The survey content and demographic quotas are at the discretion of the partner. As MyPoints is only compensated for completed surveys, this option for the Daily 5 will no longer be checked off upon disqualification. Members must qualify for and complete a survey in order for this activity to count against their Daily 5 checklist.
  3. Discover a Deal: This activity will change from “Discover a Deal” to “Complete a MyPoints Discover offer.” In order to check this activity off their Daily 5, members must complete one of the Discover offers in the Deals section. This activity will be checked off when non-pending Points are awarded, which may or may not be the same day the activity was completed. Please note: there are a number of MyPoints Deals which do not require a purchase! Scroll to the bottom of the Deals page for offers from Revenue Universe, OfferToro, etc.

To summarize, 5 of the 8 previous options remain the same. We’ve removed one option and changed “Take a Survey” and “Discover a Deal” so that members are required to complete a survey and/or a MyPoints Deal offer should they wish to check off those activities. Members are still only required to complete 5 of the activities (previously 8, now 7) to receive the 5 Point Bonus so if qualifying for a survey or completing a MyPoints Deal offer is not possible, there are still 5 other activities to choose from.

We hope these changes will encourage members to be more engaged and utilize a wider variety of activities to earn Points. We realize, however, that these changes may cause some members to not be able to complete their Daily 5 as regularly as they did previously. As with any MyPoints offer or activity, the Daily 5 is optional and a great way to earn a bonus for being active with the MyPoints program!

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