How to Earn Points with MyPoints Video

Watching videos can be an entertaining way to turn your downtime into Points. Unfortunately, some members experience issues with MyPoints Video. Here are some tips to maximize your earnings while minimizing frustrations.

1. Video content is provided by external sources and inventory may vary. Please note that although MyPoints does try to ensure that the content is appropriate for our members, we do not necessarily endorse the subjects or views portrayed.

2. In order to award Points for videos, sponsored advertisements are a requirement. MyPoints has limited control over what ads are displayed.

3. Our advertisers require the use of third party verification services to ensure their ads are being viewed. Without this verification, advertisers will not provide ads for MyPoints videos. No advertisements means no videos which means no Points.

4. On occasion, these verification services may mistakenly have flagged legitimate viewers. To prevent flagging (which will prevent you from viewing videos), we recommend you check your browser and anti-virus/firewall settings to make sure no ad blocking is in place or perhaps try a different device or IP in case of being associated with a flagged IP address. When videos are available, please make sure you are watching and engaging with the content as multi-tasking with multiple tabs, etc. can cause the verification services to flag your account.

5.  You may also experience issues with videos playing while watching a playlist. If you get an error that looks like this,

wait 30-45 seconds until the thumbnail associated with the video receives a checkmark:

Then click on the next thumbnail to proceed with the playlist.

6. Did you receive a message to disable Ad Blockers? If you have ad blocking extensions enabled in your browser or via your anti-virus protection, you may need to whitelist MyPoints or disable the ad blocker completely. If you’ve disabled ad blocking and still receive this messaging, try clicking on the X to close it or reloading the web page and clicking on the next thumbnail to proceed.

7. Please note that MyPoints Videos are only available for laptop and desktop systems. To earn Points via your mobile device, you can download our Daily Scoop app.


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