Tuesday Tips: Search and Earn

If you spend anytime online, chances are you’re searching the web for…something. MyPoints can help you find what you’re looking for, plus give you chances to earn Points!

MyPoints Search and Earn operates like any other search engine. Just type in keywords for what you’re looking for (like “restaurants near me” or “mortgage calculator” or “powerball winning numbers”) and click the Search button to get standard search results from search engines like Yahoo! and Bing.

Not only will you get relevant search results as with any search engine, but you could win instant search Points!

Search win Points are completely random and may range between 4 and 30 Points on most days. You could win multiple times each day, but again keep in mind search wins are random, not guaranteed!

Be sure to use MyPoints Search and Earn the same way you’d use any other search engine. Attempting to speed through multiple searches in an attempt to increase your chances of winning will only result in a message that warns you that you are searching too fast.

Make sure to use MyPoints when you’re looking for something online! You’ll get the same results as with any other search engine but with the added bonus of the chance to randomly win instant Points!

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