How to Make Sure Score! BINGO Squares Get Marked Off on Your Board

Whether you’re trying to complete a Shop BINGO Board or a standard one, the easiest activities are merchant visit squares.

Most of these squares can be marked off simply by clicking the square on the Board which will redirect you to the merchant’s website.

Some of the merchant visit squares, however, will require that you activate Score! in order to mark off the square.

Score! is our shopping browser extension which activates when you visit a merchant partner site. In addition to making sure you don’t miss out on Shopping Points, Score! also displays current coupon codes so you can save money as well as earn Points for your purchase.

In order to complete these BINGO square, make sure Score! has been added to the browser you are completing your BINGO board in, that it is active and not disable and that you are logged into it.

(For more tips on activating Score!, check out this blog post.)

Once Score! is enabled, click through the applicable square to be redirected to the merchant site. The Score! banner will pop-up in the upper right of your screen:

Just click the banner and update your BINGO Board and the square will be marked off!

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