Friday Round-Up: Home Sweet Home edition

Welcome to our weekly round-up of things of interest on the web:

According to Lifehacker, you should save 4% of your new home’s cost for repairs – this includes DIY home repair projects and professional service calls.

In fact, not setting aside money for repairs in the number 1 thing buyers regret about their home purchase as reported by MarketWatch.

And millennials are most likely to have buyer’s remorse according to this Yahoo! Finance article.

Some homeowners are getting creative to help defray housing costs. Check out this USA Today article about the trend of married couples having roommates.

Remember the John Mellencamp song “Pink Houses“? Well, apparently this Texas man took it to heart and painted his entire house–including the roof!–so it resembles a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.

Have a great weekend!

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