Tuesday Tips: Merchant Exclusions

When you shop through MyPoints, our merchant partners pay us a commission which we in turn split with you in the form of Points. Many merchants, however, have limitations on what is eligible for commission and subsequently what is eligible for Points.

You may have experienced shopping via MyPoints and seeing something like this in your account statement:

When you see a shopping transaction that awards 0 Points, it is because your purchase consisted of excluded items. Reviewing Target’s Terms and Conditions on their MyPoints page shows there are a number of items that are not eligible for commission and thus ineligible for Points:

Merchandise exclusions are determined by each individual retailer, not MyPoints–and may be updated at any time. These exclusions are generally universal, meaning that every rewards program will subject to the same terms and conditions.

In some cases, only specific categories, or even specific items, are eligible for Points–as with Amazon which offers Points on only certain categories which can change from month-to-month.

Certain items are generally excluded from being eligible for Points across all merchants. For example, most merchant gift card purchases (with the exception of gift cards sold by merchants who sell only gift cards like MyGiftCardsPlus or GiftCardMall) are excluded from earning Points. In some cases, using a merchant gift card to make a purchase may also render the transaction ineligible for Points.

Some merchants, like Sam’s Club, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Office Depot, exclude in-store pick-ups from earning Points and others will not pay commission if coupons not found on MyPoints are used at checkout.

In summary, make sure you review the terms and conditions, either on the merchant page or on the pop-up screen that launches when you activate Score!, to verify whether your purchase is eligible for Points.

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