Friday Round-Up: Memorial Day 2019

In honor of the holiday weekend, we have a Memorial Day-themed collections of articles.

If you’re planning on putting your patriotism on display for the holiday, AOL has guidelines for flying the flag in this post.

And speaking of flying the flag, a camping company CEO is risking jail for flying a 3,200 square foot flag over his store in violation of City ordinance.

If you’re planning on using the three-day weekend to snooze and relax, you’re doing it wrong according to Forbes. This article on six ways successful people use the long Memorial Day weekend to get ahead does list enjoying long walks on the beach as one of the six ways, so maybe your hammock time isn’t a bad thing after all!

Nearly 38 Million Americans are expected to be road-tripping it this weekend according to Travel and Leisure. And unfortunately, many of them will be get sticker shock at the pump due to projected rising gas prices according to Barron’s.

Although Memorial Day is a time to reflect on and remember those who gave their lives serving their country, veterans and active duty military can take advantage of Memorial Day deals and freebies outlined by USA Today.

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