Tuesday Tips: FAQs about Sponsored Videos

 Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

Additional opportunities to earn easy Points can be found with MyPoints “Sponsored Content.” These short playlists are provided by a MyPoints partner/sponsor and availability may vary.

These videos can be found at the bottom of the MyPoints Video page, but there are not MyPoints video playlists. Some sponsored content credits in your account and on your Daily 5 (and Monthly Goals) as “nCrave.” When you click on the offer and nCrave opens in a new tab, that’s how you can determine that the content will counted as an nCrave playlist.

Other content credits as “Discover.” When you’re taking a “Discovery Break” with sponsor JunGroup, this will count as completing Discover offer in your Daily 5, but will not currently count towards any activity in your Monthly Goals.

Please note: like video playlists, you may earn Points for sponsored content offers only once per day when available.

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