Friday Round-Up: Foodie Edition

Meatless burgers are all the rage, but the question remains — Which is better: Beyond or Impossible burgers? The Washington Post tested both cook-at-home versions, along with two other plant-based options and chose a winner.

Food waste is another big issue, but this article from The Takeout gives you ways to use your healthy food scraps rather than throwing them out.

How food is being grown, prepared and delivered keeps changing, according to this slideshow from GOBankingRates. Check it out to see how 16 new companies are changing the way we eat.

You may think “Guinea Pig ice cream” is a misnomer–how how hamburger isn’t made with ham or how hot dogs aren’t made from dogs. But you’d be wrong. The only misnomer is that guinea pigs are not actually pigs, but Ecuador’s ice cream flavor is actually made from “cuy” as the animal is known locally.

If you haven’t completely lost your appetite from the previous topic, we close by reminding you that it’s National Taco Day and providing Lifehacker’s list of place to score discounted and free tacos to celebrate.

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