Tuesday Tips: How to Submit a Customer Service Request

There have been updates to our Customer Service process to make them more efficient. If you have a question, here’s how to navigate the new system to get your issues resolved.

Most member questions can be answered via our Help Articles. Our Help Center has dozens of articles divided into categories like Shop, Surveys, Redemptions, etc. So step one of the process is to determine which category your issue related to.

Once you’ve determined which category relates to your issue, click on it to see all the Help articles within that category.

Read through the article titles to find the one or ones that may apply to your issue. Then click on those articles and read carefully to see if they help resolve your issue.

In many cases, the articles will provide step-by-step instructions on how to resolve your issue. If not, they will provide a timeframe in which you should follow up with our Customer Service team.

For example, for shop transactions in which Points have not yet been awarded, you must wait at least 30 days before submitting your request. Please refer to the relevant Help Article and offer terms/details to see if it’s too early to follow-up with a ticket.

If after reading the article and following the steps within your issue is still not resolved, scroll down the page to the button which says “Still Need Help? Submit a Customer Service Ticket.”

Click the button to fill out a form to submit your request.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that the article you are submitting your request via is the correct category and most relevant article because this not only determines the submission form, but also the team that handles your request. If you submit via an article which is not relevant, it will delay the resolution of your issue.

Make sure you fill out all the fields and attach screenshots or order confirmation details if possible.

During business hours, you may have access to chat with an agent via the Help button in the lower right:

Please only use the chat function for easy, quick issues or follow-ups on submitted tickets if deadline provided for response has passed.

Issues regarding missing Points should be submitted via a form request as documentation is required in order to resolve the issue.

By following these guidelines to see if your question can be answered via one of our many Help Articles or searching the blog means more expedient ticket resolution for all members as our agents can focus on issues other than how to resend a gift card or update an email address.

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