Tuesday Tips: What’s the Difference between the Daily Poll, To-Do List and Daily Goal?

While MyPoints has a number of ways to earn bonus Points each day, some members are a little confused by the similarities in their names. Although they are all “Daily,” they are different activities with different awards.

Let’s break it down:

The Daily Poll is a fun one question survey you can take each day to earn 1 Point.

The Daily 5 or To-Do List is a daily list of activities which includes the Daily Poll. Members must complete five of the eight to earn a 5 Point Bonus. Completing ALL tasks earns an additional 5 Points for a total of 10 Bonus Points. The bonus is awarded for completing all five activities. It is not pro-rated at 1 Point per activity, so you do not get partial credit for completing 3 or 4 activities.

You can earn Points for the individual activities themselves, like attempting a survey or completing a survey–or even the 1 Point for the Daily Poll. But that 1 Point is for voting in the Daily Poll, not partial credit for doing one of five Daily 5 activities.

While the Daily 5 is about completing five of eight activities, the Daily Goal is completely Points-based. The Daily 5 can be completed by earning as few as 2 Points for example:

  1. Score! installed (0 Points)
  2. Vote in the Daily Poll (1 Point)
  3. Visit the featured merchant (0 Points)
  4. Add an In-Store or Shoply deal (0 Points)
  5. Complete a Watch video using the pinned Facebook link (1 Point)

In this case, completing your Daily 5 would not get you close to completing your Daily Goal where you must earn a specific number of Points which ranges from 30 to 250 each day.

There are no streaks for completing your Daily 5, although it will count towards your Monthly Goals–streaks only apply to your Daily Goals. If your streak is broken, it means that you did not earn the specified number of Points for that day’s Daily Goal.

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