We’ve made the Daily 5 more Rewarding!

We’re making your Daily 5 even more rewarding with the opportunity to earn DOUBLE the bonus each day. Starting 5/28, the Daily 5 will become the MyPoints To-Do List.

In addition to earning a 5 Point Bonus for completing 5 activities, we will be adding a ninth activity as well as offering an additional 5 Point Bonus if you’re able to complete all nine!

The current activities for the Daily 5 will remain on the rebranded “To-Do List” including:

  1. Activate Score! – If you have the Score! browser extension enabled on the same browser in which you’re doing your To-Do List, it will check off this activity each day.
  2. Vote in the Daily Poll – This activity earns you 1 Point for your vote and checks one off your To-Do List.
  3. Visit the Featured Merchant – Just click from the To-Do List page or dropdown and check another off your To-Do List.
  4. Attempt a Survey – Any survey that you attempt and receive Points for — even if they are disqualification Points, will check this off your To-Do List.
  5. Complete a Survey – If your survey attempt results in completion Points, it will check both attempt and complete off your To-Do List.
  6. Complete a Watch Playlist – Earn Points while being informed and entertained plus check one off your To-Do List!
  7. Complete a Discover offer – Earn from MyPoints Deals and check one off your To-Do List.
  8. In-Store Deals, Shoply and In-Store Shopping – On Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays, check one off your To-Do List by clicking and adding an In-Store Deal to your shopping list (no purchase necessary). On Tuesdays and Fridays, you can do the same through the Shoply app (no purchase necessary). On Wednesdays and Saturdays, linking your card to an In-Store Shopping offer (no purchase necessary) will check one off your To-Do List.

For the ninth activity, we’re adding the Daily Goal, so while your To-Do List Bonus Points don’t count towards your Daily Goal, completing your Daily Goal will check off one for your To-Do List!

You still will only need to complete five of nine activities and earn the 5 Point Bonus in order for it to count towards your Monthly Goals, but if you are able to complete the entire list you will earn an additional 5 Points for a 10 Point Bonus!

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