Friday Round-Up: Money, Money, Money Edition

With millions filing for unemployment, the COVID-19 pandemic has having a negative effect on consumer finances in the U.S. This post by Forbes lays out how badly coronavirus has impacted American’s personal finances.

The pandemic most likely will leave a permanent mark on society with companies offering remote work even after the pandemic subsides and numerous businesses declaring bankruptcy, restructuring or shutting their doors completely. predicts this will trickle down to consumers according to this write up on 8 Spending Habits People are Changing After Coronavirus.

If your income or savings has been affected by COVID-19, check out this article from Money Talks News on 9 Extreme Ways to Save Money.

Extreme measures might not be called for, but even the more financially secure among us can benefit from taking stock of our spending and savings habits according to GO Banking Rates which outlines 31 Hidden Ways You’re Bleeding Money Every Month.

And in some positive news, a customer’s complaint about a Starbucks barista refusing to serve her without a mask has backfired in favor of the barista with over $48k being tipped via a GoFundMe.

For more finance-related news, check out The Smart Wallet.

Stay safe! Social distance. Wear your mask in public.

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