Tuesday Tips: What’s the Difference between In-Store Deal receipts and Everyday receipts?

The are several ways to earn Points by uploading shopping receipts on MyPoints.

The first way is “Everyday Receipts” via your Survey page. These can be in-store (not online) receipts from any of almost 1,500 US and Canadian retailers including:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Big Box and Warehouse Club Stores
  • Drug Stores¬†
  • Home Improvement Stores
  • Department and Clothing Stores
  • Fast Food and Casual Dining Restaurants¬†¬†

You will earn 3 Points for each successfully uploaded Everyday receipt as long as the date of your shopping trip was within 14 days and the receipt has not been previously submitted.

These uploads will also check off an item on your To-Do List on Mondays and Saturdays and, if “Upload a Receipt through MyPoints Surveys” is included as a square on BINGO, it will mark off that square.

There is currently no 7-Day Challenge activity for Everyday Receipt uploads.

In-Store Deals receipts differ in that the receipts must be from a specified retailer for a specific product. These receipts can be submitted via the In-Store Deals page on MyPoints.com or via the Shoply app. Depending on the offer, you can earn up to 5,100 Points for In-Store Deals offers.

These receipt uploads not only will check one off your To-Do List on Mondays and Saturdays, but also count towards this activity for the 7-Day Challenge and MyPoints BINGO for square that says “Earn Points from Shoply In-Store Deals.”

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