Tuesday Tips: How to Refer Friends and Family to MyPoints

There are so many benefits to sharing MyPoints rewards with Friends and Family!

If you know folks who aren’t a member and who would love getting FREE gift cards for stuff they do online like shopping, searching the web or offering their opinions to market researchers, turn them on to MyPoints!

Not only will they earn rewards for their online activities, but you’ll get 25 Points for each member who joins and verifies their email via your invitation and if they shop and spend $20 in their first 30 days as a member, they’ll get a 1,750 Point Bonus and you’ll get an additional 750 Points.

Plus you earn 10% of their eligible Points for as long as they’re a member!

MyPoints also offers additional referral bonuses each month, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand the MyPoints community and enlarge your Point balance at the same time.

You can send friends an email invitation or post your referral link on your social media page or website. Anyone who clicks and joins via your invitation or link will be credited as your referral.

When referring friends, keep in mind that promotions may not register or be counted if the referral activation does not occur within the dates of the promotion

If your referral doesn’t complete their sign up via your referral link, then they will not be credited as your referral. Quite often we’ve had members send referral invitations, but their referral ends up joining MyPoints directly and not via the email.

Please note that while we encourage family members to enjoy the benefits of MyPoints, members are prohibited from creating, owning and/or operating more than one account–even under the name of a relative–is a violation of our Terms of Service and may result in account termination.

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