Rewarding Moments: November 5, 2020

Now that it’s November, the holiday season is upon us! It’s no surprise that many members save up their MyPoints rewards to use as or to purchase Christmas gifts, etc. and member since 2012 Bianca Colbert is no exception.

In answer to the question, how did you first discover MyPoints, Bianca responded, “I was looking for ways to make extra money.”

And her favorite way to earn: Surveys.

Here is her story:

“I was not sure if I would ever really earn anything using this site, but I gave it a shot with the intention on buying the little odds and ends for my household with the gift cards.

After I was able to cash out a fifteen dollar Amazon gift card, I decided to use this to buy my children’s Christmas presents for this year.

With money being tight, I wanted to have a peace of mind that I would still be able to get them at least one thing they wanted and all it would take is a few hours of my time every day.

I have been doing this for one month straight. It is super easy, and it gives me something to do when the kids are asleep anyways. I have bought three gifts so far, and I hope to buy the rest on their lists.”

Thanks for sharing your Rewarding Moment with us, Bianca! In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account towards your Christmas present fund.

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