Tuesday Tips: How to Submit your BINGO Board

Many of you are working hard to complete activities and mark off squares for your BINGO Board!

Once you’ve completed the most rewarding pattern possible, you can submit your Board and claim your Bonus.

Please keep in mind, you can only submit one pattern for your Board and your board can only be submitted ONCE. So make sure you’ve completed all the activities you’re able to in order to get the biggest bonus possible.

To the right of your BINGO board is a list of all the possible patterns and the bonuses associated with each.

They are listed in order from biggest to smallest bonus.

When you complete any given pattern on the list, the Submit button goes from being “grayed out” to being active.

You will want to submit for the pattern with an active Submit button that is highest on the list of patterns to get the biggest bonus possible. You may completed multiple patterns, so make sure the pattern you submit for is the highest on the list.

Once you submit your Board , the Points credit to your account immediately and are not pending. These Points, unlike most bonuses, will also count towards your Daily Goal, so keep that in mind when timing your submission.

You must submit your Board while BINGO is active. Once BINGO ends, you will not be able to submit your pattern so make sure to take note the date and time that the Board is active through.

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