Rewarding Moments: December 10, 2020

This week’s Rewarding Moment is courtesy of Michele Bulger who joined MyPoints in June 2009 after a friend told her about the program. Her favorite ways to earn: “I do a lot of the surveys and do in-store shopping.”

Here is her story:

“I collect Hallmark ornaments and as the years go on, they get more expensive.

This year I was able to use MyPoints VISA gift cards to buy what I wanted to help me decorate my home for the holidays.

Without the VISA gift cards as part of the rewards program, I would have had to put the purchases on my credit card. So, I want to thank you MyPoints for having VISA gift cards as part of your cards to choose from.

I will continue to do more surveys, the Bingo cards, in-store deals and the 7-day Challenges to help me accumulate more and more points.

Over the years I have told many friends of mine about MyPoints; some have joined, and some have not. I always sing the praises of MyPoints, especially now during these times when people are not very comfortable going into the store.

I tell them, “You are shopping anyway, why not earn Points which can then earn you gift cards to use at your favorite places or to give as gifts?”

Thanks for sharing your story, Michele! Your tree looks beautiful! In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account towards your next Hallmark ornament (or whatever your heart desires).

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