Tuesday Tips: What’s the Difference between Magic Receipts and Everyday Receipts?

There are a number of ways to earn from receipts on MyPoints. There’s Magic Receipts which involves buying a specific product at specified retailers and uploading the receipt via the Magic Receipts page or via the Tada! app.

Then there is everyday receipts for which the only requirement is that the receipt be from one of over 1,500 retailers.

Everyday receipts can be uploaded via the MyPoints Survey page or the Magic Receipts page–but although they can be uploaded via the Magic Receipts page, they will not count as Magic Receipt offers and mark that square off your BINGO Board or count towards 7-Day Challenge goals because there is no specific product required for this Point offer.

The Any Receipt offer can be located via MyPoints Surveys, in the upper left corner of the Magic Receipts page or as an item to be added to your shopping list:

This is NOT a Magic Receipt offer because it does not require you to purchase a specific product.

In summary, Magic Receipt offers = offers which require purchase of specified product(s) from specified retailer(s). Everyday receipts = any receipts from any of over 1,500 retailers regardless of what was purchased.

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