Rewarding Moments: May 27, 2021

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from Lauri Hettig who has been a MyPoints member (since February 2000) so long she cannot remember how she found our site.

Her favorite way to earn is “to to peruse the deals in stores that I frequently shop.”

Here is her story:

“I don’t have a single moment, rather a compilation of many times that MyPoints has come through for me.

As a young single mother, I would compile points through the year and get my kiddos gift cards at Christmas time for miscellaneous stores.

As they got older and left the nest I started telling myself that I was worthy of a nice gift for myself…whether it be in the form of Points earned through a deeply discounted purchase, or maybe some gift cards for myself.

My favorite purchase…a beautiful tooled leather purse that I am in love with!!!

I am truly thankful for MyPoints for creating this platform that allows so many ways for a person to earn ‘perks’. You are very appreciated! ❤️”

We appreciate you as well, Lauri, for sticking with MyPoints for over 21 years now! In appreciation for sharing your story, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account.

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