Rewarding Moments: September 15, 2022

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from Lauren Jonik who joined MyPoints in July 2000 after a friend suggested it.

Her favorite way to earn is Surveys.

This is her story:

“I make it a habit to fill out surveys on a frequent, ongoing basis.

A few months ago, a stray cat gave birth to a beautiful calico kitten near where I live. The kitten reminded me of my childhood cat, so I decided to care for her until she could be adopted. Within hours, I realized that I couldn’t part with her– I hadn’t expected to become a “cat mom” just months after our older cat had passed away, but fate had another plan.

I was thrilled to begin taking care of my new kitten, but dismayed to realize how many initial expenses were involved. I cashed in my MyPoints Points for Amazon gift cards and was able to purchase the things I needed– a litter box, food and much to my kitten’s delight– many cat toys that we now spend time playing with daily!”

Thanks for sharing your story, Lauren–and the pic of your adorable kitten! In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account.

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