Rewarding Moments: December 8, 2022

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from Ted Sponsel who joined MyPoints in March 2000 via a friend’s recommendation.

His favorite ways to earn are shopping and “daily tasks” (To-Do List/Daily Goal).

This is his story:

“We always used the Points for gift cards, with my wife doing the “shopping.”

This year (2020), unbeknownst to me, she saved the Points and used them on Amazon to buy me a Christmas suit!

I happen to love ugly Christmas sweaters and she figured this would be even better, covering me from neck to ankle—and she was right!

I can’t wait until next winter, when we are Covid-free and my singing group is back to gathering and having its annual Christmas celebration.

No one will be able to top this ugly Christmas suit!”

The suit is indeed epic, Ted–and we hope you’ve had the opportunity to impress folks with your sartorial splendor!

In appreciation for sharing your story–along with over 22 years of loyal participation as a MyPoints member–we have added 1,500 Points to your account.

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