Rewarding Moments: January 19, 2023

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from Jessica Martinez who joined MyPoints in April 2006 after discovering us when she was trying to figure out how to save some money.

Her favorite way to earn? “For me it’s doing the surveys. I really do enjoy them. Sometimes they really make me think. And I think that’s kind of fun.”

“How did MyPoints help create a Rewarding Moment for you?”

This is her story:

“For me it’s anytime I could cash in my Points for gift cards for food. So I could spend a wonderful time with my family members, or provide a special dish for my family through groceries. Any of that is really, really special.

It’s been really hard. There’s such a huge amount of inflation and to have anything that is going to be a want versus a need is in my budget as much as I possibly can be. Also here is a super extra treat I was able to afford because of MyPoints. Thank you so much.

I think that I also want to say that it makes for wonderful memories and the ability to splurge on myself as well as my family members. When thinking about all the wonderful things that MyPoints has helped me out with really makes me grateful.

My biggest cash out for Points was a Roomba. I was able to get it through the Amazon one and I have it running in my mom’s room. She suffers from extreme allergies. And it’s going to be great to get all the dust and everything out and have her be in a healthier living situation.

I again just want to emphasize my gratefulness to this program.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Jessica. In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account.

Got a Rewarding Moment made possible by MyPoints? Submit it via this form for a chance to be awarded 1,500 Points if selected!

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