August 2023 Rewarding Moment

This month’s Rewarding Moment comes from Jonathan Liebgott who joined MyPoints in January 2021 after “[t]rying to figure out which platform actually pays for doing whichever task they offer compensation for.”

His favorite way to earn? “My favorite way to earn is from inviting a friend. It is so great to receive Points from all the people that I have referred. So far of the 3 that singed up only one is active enough to actually earn Points.”

This is his story:

“When the Coronavirus virus first hit, I was a bartender in a local comedy club and Restaurant. Very shortly after had been called off 3 then 4 the. 5 days in a row, I would soon find out that we were all to be furloughed until future notice.

As my Income stopped, savings began to rapidly decrease as life had not stopped. By the time it was to late for all the government assistance to come into effect, my vehicle had broke down.

Now with no income, no saving and what was on its way from the government I had the opportunity to pick up an electric scooter. Fun as they are, it has become my primary mode for transportation. For everyone looking to get one I recommend you do, they are awesome.

However if you have wheels that use inner tubes as I do you will soon find out they pop easy and very frequently, this is where MyPoints comes in and saves my day.

Being able to earn Points and exchange for PayPal or Amazon has been such a life saver for me. As often as my tires pop, they need to be replaced and at $12-$15 dollars for a pair of 2, I had no way to purchase them.

I was stuck and back to walking. After only a few weeks on the MyPoints app and website learning about it and taking every single opportunity to earn any Points, I do everything they offer. So far of all the Amazon gift cards I’ve accumulated along with some Paypal cash, I am able to purchase replacements for my scooter to get to point A and B so that I can continue to save to fix my vehicle.

So thanks.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Jonathan! We’re happy to hear we’re helping keeping you mobile. In appreciation, we’ve added $25 worth of Points to your account for more inner tubes.

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