April 2024 Rewarding Moment

This month’s Rewarding Moment comes from Jerie Burke who joined MyPoints in June 2008: “I was a member of eRewards and there was an option to have my points go to MyPoints. I think that’s how it went but this was my introduction to MyPoints and boy am I glad I did.”

Her favorite ways. to earn? Surveys and Magic Receipts.

This is her story:

“For years of being a member of MyPoints I was so busy with life I really didn’t do too much with it at all.

I retired from a job I had for 27 years and then dabbled in temp work and a couple of other more permanent part time positions.

When the pandemic hit, the company I was working for had to close down due to not being able to travel. Well, one thing lead to another and they were not able to reopen.

I’ve had ongoing medical issues for years but things turned for the worse and i was diagnosed with a very rare and very aggressive cancer, Merkel Cell Carcinoma in 2022. Due to this, I really can’t work any longer, so I really stepped up my participation in MyPoints.

Much to my surprise, I’m doing quite well earning gift cards to help supplement my income. I use the Mastercard gift cards to help pay for groceries, gas, gifts for others and an occasional treat for myself. I’m not getting rich but every little bit helps.

I’m not making anywhere near what my last job provided but I’m loving the extra income. I recently bought tickets to a concert for my husband’s birthday with the gift cards I have saved. We had a great time and I’m so thankful for MyPoints.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Jerie! In appreciation for that and for sticking with MyPoints for almost 16 years, we’ve added 3,950 Points to your account.

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