June 2024 Rewarding Moment

This month’s Rewarding Moment comes from Jason Goldberg who joined MyPoints in August 2023.

How he discovered MyPoints: “I was looking for ways to get Amazon and Ebay gift cards and found Mypoints. All of the reviews were very good and I have been a very active member ever since.”

His favorite way to earn Points: “I love to do the surveys that involve watching new or upcoming TV shows. It is a lot of fun and I get to see shows that I otherwise might have missed as well as provide input.”

This is his story:

“I am always looking for fun gifts for my wife and she will never buy anything frivolous, even for Birthdays and Holidays. Surprises are also difficult since we both see our monthly financial activity.

My wife also loves a starry night sky, however the light pollution in our area really minimizes the experience.

By saving up MyPoints gift cards, I was able to purchase a high quality home star projector. Since I was able to use gift cards, she had no idea it was coming and I was able to truly surprise her.

She uses it every night at bed time. It has a timer, a shooting star, and interchangeable plates for different viewing experiences. Now she gets to sleep under the stars every night!

Thank you MyPoints for giving me a way to create such a meaningful gift.”

Thank you, Jason for sharing your story and for being a “stellar” MyPoints member and husband! In appreciation, we’ve added 3,950 Points to your account. (If you use it to surprise your lovely wife, please let us know on our Facebook wall!)

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