Earning Points by Printing Coupons

If you shop for groceries, printing coupons via MyPoints comes with many bonuses. In addition to saving money on your shopping trip, you can earn 1 Point for every coupon you print and 10 Points for every coupon you redeem.

The Points for coupon redemptions can take up to 90 days or more to be reported, but Points for printing coupons are generally awarded the business day following the prints.

If you are having issues being awarded for coupon prints, the most likely reason is because you are not logged in to your MyPoints account. To ensure proper crediting for MyPoints activities, ensure that you are logged in by logging out and then in again for activities such as shopping online or printing coupons.

You must also have tracking and cookies enabled in your browser in order to be credited for printing coupons. To enable cookies in your browser, check out this article by Digital Trends.

It could also be that the device you use to print MyPoints grocery coupons is associated directly with Coupons.com or with another Coupons.com affiliate. Coupons.com used to require installation of their coupon printer driver in order to track and reward coupon redemptions, but now uses a mobile verification process to ensure each coupon printing account is associated with a real user.

If you mobile verified directly with Coupons.com or via another program that offers rewards for coupons, then your device is associated with that program instead of MyPoints and unfortunately cannot earn coupon printing or redemption Points via our program.

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