How to earn Bonus Points by completing Monthly Goals

In addition to the Daily Poll and the Daily 5, MyPoints has added yet another way to earn Points for your online activities: Monthly Goals.

Each month we will have a list of various MyPoints activities — some of which will have a minimum requirement, some that are optional — where you can set completion goals and calculate potential bonus Points if you complete your goals by the end of the month. The bigger your goals, the bigger the bonus!

Goals must be submitted by 11:59 pm Pacific time on the 8th of the month to be eligible to earn the Bonus. You calculate your bonus with different goals, but once you submit you cannot change your goals.

Currently, we are featuring Video playlists, Surveys, Daily 5 lists, grocery coupon prints, MyGiftCardsPlus purchases and rewards redemptions.

  • Surveys count only those surveys where you qualify, complete and are awarded completion Points. If you are disqualified during a survey it does not count towards your survey goal, however the 5 Points for disqualification will count towards your Total Points goal (if applicable). Peanut Labs surveys are also excluded from completed survey totals.
  • Video includes completed MyPoints Videos and Daily Scoop playlists. They do not include nCrave activities which are a different activity that may be featured in future Monthly Goals bonus activities. All Points earned for video and nCrave activities, however, count towards any Total Points goals (if applicable).
  • MyGiftCardsPlus eGift card purchases are an optional goal. It is based on the number of transactions made, not individual gift cards purchased so if you submit a MyGiftCardsPlus goal that is greater than 1, make sure you make your purchases in completely separate transaction sessions.
  • Gift card redemption is also an optional goal. Please note that you need only make one redemption for the month to earn the Monthly Goal bonus.
  • Daily 5 list completion counts each time you complete 5 of 8 of the Daily 5 activities and earn the 5 bonus Points. Daily 5 bonus Points, however, are excluded from any Total Points goals (if applicable).
  • Grocery coupon prints counts for those members who are verified/authenticated for via their MyPoints account and who are logged into that account at the time of printing. Check out our blog post on earning Points for print coupons for more details. Please note that the 1 Point per print and coupon redemption Points count towards any Total Points goal but any coupon print bonus will not count towards print or Total Points goals. Please note this goal only applies to coupon prints; RedPlum coupons are excluded from this goal.

When setting goals, you want to challenge yourself to earn a bigger bonus, but please be realistic so that you are able to achieve your goals:

  • Keep in mind the number of days in each month so you don’t set a Daily 5  list completion goal for more days than are possible. It’s also smart to allow yourself a bit of “wiggle room” because there are always one or two days where something will come up and you will forget to complete your Daily 5 list.
  • Survey, video and nCrave inventory can fluctuate throughout the month, so make sure the goal you set is reasonable given this.
  • Grocery coupon Points can only be earned by logged in members with cookies and tracking enabled so if you are not logged in or your browser is not enabled for cookies you will not be able to complete coupon print goals for MyPoints.
  • Once you’ve submitted your goals, your progress will be updated once per day with a progress tracker on the Monthly Goals page.

The Monthly Goal Bonus is to encourage you, our members, to engage in a variety of different activities to help you earn Points on a daily basis. If there are activities that you haven’t done in the past or haven’t tried in a while, this may be the time for you to try again! Remember, this is completely voluntary and a great way to help you earn extra Points!

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  1. Do we have to wait to cash in our points for e-cards until the end of the monthly MyPoints goal is over? Or will it keep track of our points,even if we cash them in?

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