Friday Round Up: Valentine’s Day 2019

Welcome to our weekly round-up of consumer/personal finance-related posts from around the web! This week we’re going with a Valentine theme:

Are you looking for a way to make Valentine’s Day special for your beloved without breaking the bank? Business Insider has some great ideas on how to plan an amazing Valentine’s Day dinner date for $100 or less.

How many of you think Valentine’s Day is more important to women than men? Well, according to a recent survey by Bankrate, men have higher expectations for the Hallmark holiday than women.

Money outweighs love for those making resolutions in 2019 according to this Yahoo! Finance article with 28% looking to shape up their finance vs. only 9% making romance their 2019 focus.

Tax season is upon us so make sure you make the right choices with regards to filing to reduce your tax obligation or maximize your refund. Zacks has a help article that reviews the difference between single and married withholding.

Finally, your ideal mate may be tall, dark and handsome–but what about their spending, saving and budgeting habits? CheckĀ  out this article by US News to see if you and your (potential) partner are financially compatible.




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