Share your Rewarding Moments for a chance to get 1,500 Points!

Whether you like redeeming for restaurant gift cards for date night with your significant other or for travel miles to fund your dream vacation or however you like to use your hard-earned Points, share the rewarding moments made possible by MyPoints for a chance to get 1,500 Points!

Just submit your story via this form.

Make sure you attach a photo that you own that can be posted on our blog and/or social media channels. No stock or catalog photos or screenshots, please. Also, your story must be at least 150 – 300 words. Submissions that are only a sentence or two will not be eligible.

Members chosen to get their rewarding moment published on our blog will receive 1,500 Points. Plus your referral link will be used whenever MyPoints is mentioned in the post! In addition, your story might also be featured on our Instagram account @mypoints_official or other social channels.

If we don’t share your rewarding moment this week, it doesn’t mean we won’t publish it in the future. There are so many great rewarding moments and we look forward to hearing yours!

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