Tuesday Tips: How to earn Points from nCrave

nCrave is an activity that allows our valued members to discover a variety of great online and mobile content: web articles, slideshows and videos. This content may be targeted to specific demographics so the nCrave inventory available may vary from day-to-day and member to member. In addition to great content, you can also be rewarded for your viewing!

Like MyPoints Video, nCrave is ad-supported and nCrave advertisers require third party verification to ensure that the viewer is actively watching the content. At times this verification may mistakenly flag members for various reasons, such as sharing an IP address for which unusual viewing behavior has previously been detected.

To prevent issues and and ensure that you can enjoy all the nCrave content you love, please make sure to have only one device, tab or window where nCrave or other videos are playing and engage with the content regularly. To make certain you will be credited for your activity, please make sure to watch each piece of content in its entirety before moving on to the next one in the playlist. Even if you pride yourself on being a great multi-tasker, please make sure you don’t have more than one window or tab open with videos playing at the same time. This isn’t allowed, and doing so may cause the activity to end before finishing, in which case rewards credit will not be applied to your account.

All nCraves have a timer to verify that members are attentively viewing the content. Sometimes the timer will be on the same screen as the content and other times it will be in another window/tab. Depending upon the implementation, you may be required to navigate back to the timer and click “Next Page” to proceed through the nCrave playlist. If you experience errors with content not being available or loading, you should be able to proceed to the next piece of content once the timer reaches 00:00 by clicking the “Next Page” button.

Regardless of the situation, please keep the aforementioned rules in mind and enjoy your viewing experience!


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