Tuesday Tips: How to Earn Points with MyPoints Surveys

Want to take a break from shopping?  Did you know that surveys are the next quickest way to build up your Points total?  Here are some information and tips for making the most of your experience with surveys.

When attempting a survey on MyPoints, you will go through a screening process to determine whether or not you meet the requirements set by the survey provider. This is why it is important to make sure to fill out your survey profile! Not only do you earn 5 Points for every 10 profile questions completed, you help us find surveys for which you are more likely to qualify and complete.

During the screening process, you will be asked to provide demographic info like your date of birth, zip code, gender, etc. as well as questions more specific to the survey in order to determine your eligibility. Once you’ve passed the screening process, you’ll have the opportunity to proceed through survey which can take 1 – 30 minutes or more. The estimated survey length is displayed on your survey dashboard. The surveys listed on your dashboard can be sorted by Points or duration.

If you do not meet the survey providers’ demographic requirements or the quota for your demographic has been filled by earlier respondents, you may be disqualified.  If the survey wasn’t a match, not to worry, there’s one out there for you -plus you are eligible for 5 Points for non-completion up to 5 times per day.

There are various methods market research companies use to protect the integrity of their research. Speeding through surveys or not reading questions and answers carefully can cause disqualification from the survey. Members who have demonstrated a pattern of inconsistencies can be blocked from participating in surveys, so please make sure to read questions carefully and provide honest and consistent answers.

Getting paid to take surveys is not only a great way to rack up Points, but they also help with Bonus Points for the Daily 5 and Monthly Goals. Please note that completed Peanut Labs surveys taken from your SurveyZone page will count towards checking off the survey activity off your Daily 5 and towards your Monthly Goals, however Peanut Labs surveys taken under Discover/Deals will only check off your Daily 5 survey activity and do not count towards your Monthly Goals.

If you experience any issues with a survey, make sure to contact our Member Services team with as much info as you can provide so we can alert our Market Research team.

Enjoy earning all of those Points from using one of the best survey apps on the market.

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