Rewarding Moments: March 28, 2019

Collage of some of the decorations David and his partner made using materials bought at Amazon using MyPoints gift cards and photo of the wedding ceremony

This week’s Rewarding Moments comes from David Barnett, MyPoints member since 1997! His story:

“My partner and I first became a couple way back in November 1980. When same-sex marriage was finally legalized in Illinois, we immediately planned our wedding. Neither of us ever had expected to get married, so we wanted to create a unique experience for our friends and families to celebrate our commitment. Since 1998, we have volunteered nearly every week at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music in the development department, so we sought permission to get married at the School. We had a pre-wedding cocktail reception, the ceremony, our post-wedding reception, and then a post-reception concert at the School.

We made a variety of decorations ourselves which we used to make the School look more like a wedding space. These included paper rose garlands (using sheet music as the paper), card stock hearts (using a heart-shaped punch) which we used to create a unique guest book, and framed collages of photos of us taken over our then 34 years together. We bought a lot of the materials for these decorations at Amazon. I had earned a lot of [P]oints which I redeemed for gift cards at Amazon, which helped us to afford the wedding we wanted. The whole afternoon/evening of our wedding was even better than we expected. Our friends and family still describe it was one of the most meaningful weddings they ever attended.”

Thanks for the beautiful story, David! We’ve added 1,500 Points to your account to put towards more Amazon gift cards.

For details on how to share your rewarding moment and get 1,500 Points, check out this post!


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