Tuesday Tips: How to Use the Monthly Goals Progress Tracker

Rather than weekly emails, we created a progress tracker so members who submitted Monthly Goals can check in daily to gauge how they are doing. Here are some things to keep in mind when reviewing your activity stats:

  1. The progress tracker updates no more than once per 24 hours based on the time you last viewed it. So if you check your progress at 11:55 am Pacific Time on Monday, you will not be able to see any new updates that occurred after 11:55 am PT on Monday until after 11:55 am PT on Tuesday. If you wait until 2:35 pm PT on Tuesday to view your updates, the next update will be at 2:35 pm PT on Wednesday. If you scroll to the bottom of the page under where your projected Bonus Points are displayed, it will confirm the time of the last and next update:
  1. Stats for survey completions, video playlists, nCrave playlists and Daily 5 list completions will update in sync with the progress tracker.
  2. Coupon print Points post the business day following the print date, so there may be a lag between the time you printed coupons and the stats being updated in the progress tracker–especially if you check before Points have been awarded and/or before 24 hours have passed from the last time you viewed your progress tracker.
  3. MyGiftCardsPlus goals and progress to-date refer to the number of purchase transactions made and not necessarily the number of gift cards purchased. If you purchase 3 gift cards in one transaction, it will only count as 1 on your progress tracker so make sure if you submit a goal greater than 1 for MyGiftCardsPlus, you make each gift card purchase in a separate transaction.
  4. You can review your stats after the month ends! At the top of the progress tracker is a link that says “See past goals.” Clicking that link spawns a pop-up that allows you to scroll back to prior months. Just click on any date in the month you want to review your stats for. Details on how to navigate to previous months as well as how to claim your Monthly Goals Bonus are in this post.

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