Tuesday Tips: Help! I was hacked!

Internet data breeches occur all too frequently these days, so it’s important that you take steps to make sure your online accounts have strong, unique passwords to thwart hijacking attempts.

If your MyPoints account does get hijacked, here are the steps to regain control of your account.

First, change your email password! If your account was hijacked and you were alerted to the fact because your Point balance decreased due to unauthorized redemptions but you were able to log into your account without any issues, then the hacker has access to your email.

If you are unable to log into your account, it’s possible the hacker changed your email and/or password or that our system detected unauthorized activity and deactivated your account for your protection.

Next, contact our Member Services team. Make sure to select “Compliance Account Access” from the dropdown menu to get your request to the right place as quickly as possible and be sure to respond to the auto-reply to reopen your ticket and get it assigned to an agent who can help you.

In order to ensure we are dealing with the owner of the account, you may be asked to provide a photo of your driver’s license or some other official identification. We will use the info (name, birthdate, address) on your ID to confirm that the account in question belongs to you to prevent further unauthorized access.

Once we’ve confirmed we are dealing with the owner of the account, we will work to make sure your MyPoints account is secure. This may require you to change your email or email password as well as update your MyPoints password. Once we are satisfied that your accounts are secured, we will restore any Points missing due to unauthorized redemptions.

To prevent your account from being hacked in the first place, it’s important to make sure you are using strong, unique passwords and two-factor authentication (if available with your provider) on all of your online accounts; especially the ones where the hijacker can gain access to personal info or other things of value.

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