Friday Round-Up: Food and Drink Edition

Happy Friday! There have been quite a few stories in the news related to food, so welcome to the gastronomic edition of our Friday round-up.

For people worried about restaurant kitchen staff spitting in their food, the story about the Kellogg’s contract worker dumping his urine onto a Raisin Bran assembly line has probably caused them to swear off cereal forever. If there’s any happy ending to this story, the 49-year-old was sentenced to 10 months in prison last Friday.

While retail sales of seltzer have more than doubled from 2013 to 2018, sales for Millennial “It” brand La Croix are fizzling according to this CNN Business article.

The ever-increasing variety of the beverage market is partly to blame for La Croix’s downfall, but consumers looking to quench their thirst and get a nice jolt of energy may have a new option with Coca-Cola’s relaunch of their Coke Plus Coffee product which will be available in 25 international markets by the end of the year and possibly in the US next year.

While Coke gets infused with coffee, Ben & Jerry’s is making plans for CBD (Cannabidiol) infused ice cream as soon as CBD is made legal at the federal level.

And finally, Money Talks News has a post on 14 restaurants that you can get a free food item or more from in exchange for signing on to their mailing list.

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