Get a Juicy Bonus with June Monthly Goals!

We’ve got a new month and another chance to earn up to 1,000 Bonus Points!

Submit your June Monthly Goals before 11:59 pm PT on June 8th to be eligible for the bonus.

Things to keep in mind when setting your goals for June:

  1. Any activity completed after 12:01 am PT on June 1 counts towards your Monthly Goals activities whether you’ve submitted your goals yet or not.
  2. Completing the Daily 5: You must submit a minimum goal of 5 list completions up to a maximum of 30. All other activities are optional. Now that Score! has been added to the list of Daily 5 activities, it should be easier to complete 5 out of the 8 available tasks
  3. Keep in mind that coupon, survey, nCrave and video inventory may fluctuate, so make sure to allow yourself “wiggle room” with your goals. It is better to shoot for a more attainable goal and get fewer bonus Points than to set very ambitious goals that you are unable to meet due to a lack of playlists, etc.
  4. If you are setting a MyGiftCardsPlus purchase goal greater than 1, remember that we count purchase TRANSACTIONS not individual gift cards, so in order to meet a goal of two MyGiftCardsPlus transactions, you need to purchase individual gift cards in separate sessions.
  5. Your progress tracker updates once per 24 hours which resets once viewed. So if you viewed your progress at 11 am PT on Monday, your stats will not update until after 11 am PT on Tuesday. The next update time is displayed at the bottom of the tracker.

For more details on Monthly Goals activities, check out our April blog post. And remember, as soon as you complete your goals, you can claim your bonus!

Good luck with your June activities and remember, the greater the challenge, the bigger the bonus!

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