Rewarding Moments: June 27, 2019

Camping fun!

This week’s Rewarding Moments comes from Keysha Welch, MyPoints member since February 2010! This is her story:

“I am not sure how I found MyPoints. I feel I have been a member for like 8-9 years now. I tell everyone I know about it. There are so many great things. I get discounts on HSN, I make all my Amazon purchases this way. I find new stores and new things like Paribus on MyPoints.”

“I do all this year round. WE as a family take the same vacation every year! We go camping with some great friends for a whole week! Some may think this is not a vacation as we are not at a park or running around.

We have been doing this since our daughter was 4. She is now 13. Loves it more and more every year. Would not change it even for Disney or IOA she says.

Every year the week before our vacation I take all my Points and purchase gift cards. As this is money we did not have or expect, it is like extra spending cash on vacation! So my daughter (and usually a couple friends / softball teammates) goes into the store and make some purchases. Maybe some new floats or maybe some light up balloons! You never know what those kids will come out of the store with! “

“Thank you MyPoints for giving the kids extra spending money or things I may have said NO to as we did not need them or we were on vacation and don’t need to spend extra cash.

Thank you, Keysha for sharing your story! We’ve added 1,500 Points to your account in appreciation.

For details on how to share your rewarding moment and get 1,500 Points, check out this post!

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