Friday Round-Up: Nice Work If You Can Get It Edition

Welcome to this week’s round-up which highlights newsworthy stories related to employers, employees and work in general.

According to, Wells Fargo enticed its new CEO with a 40% salary increase to $23 million.

No doubt it’s CEO compensation such as this that has helped US income inequality to surge to its highest level in 50 years, according to Axios.

Filed under “schadenfreude” is this story about WeWork’s Adam Neumann’s fall from grace. Business Insider blames his ouster on the failed IPO, but his bonkers Wall Street Journal interview probably did him no favors either.

In more positive news, Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price, who took a massive pay cut 4 years ago to increase salaries of his employees, has announced that the minimum salary for employees will be increased to $70k–a $10k increase.

Does being paid $30 an hour to taste test Domino’s garlic bread sound like a dream job? According to CNN, there’s an opening for just that in Brisbane, Australia.

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