Earn up to 1,000 Bonus Points with October Monthly Goals

If you haven’t been setting Monthly Goals lately or ever, this is a good month to start so you can build up Points to cash out for the holidays!

For October, there are two major changes:

  1. Instead of having 8 days to set your goals, this month you have until 11:59 pm PT on 10/7/19. That’s one full week to set your goals for October. As always, all activity from 10/1-10/31/19 will count towards your Monthly Goals, regardless of when you submitted your goals.
  2. We’ve increased the minimum from 5 Daily 5 list completions to 7 list completions for October.

In addition to the minimum of 7 Daily 5 list completions, members will have the option to set goals for the following OPTIONAL activities:

  1. Surveys: Earn Bonus Points for completing as few as TWO surveys this month! This applies to any survey taken and completed via your SurveyZone page, including Peanut Labs surveys. It does not include adjustments credited by Member Services, surveys for which the credit is delayed or Peanut Labs surveys taken via the MyPoints Deals page.
  2. Video Playlists: This includes any completed Video Playlist that credits as such in your account statement. It does not include Sponsored Content which credits as nCrave or Discover.
  3. nCrave Playlists: This includes any completed nCrave Playlist that credits as such in your account statement.
  4. Grocery Coupon prints: This includes the number of grocery coupon prints made via MyPoints for which you are credited. It does not include bonus Points (2 Points per print vs. standard 1 Point per print) or uncredited prints.
  5. Gift cards redeemed: This is the number of gift cards or other rewards (PayPal, travel miles) you plan to cash your Points in for this month. It does not refer to spending the funds, etc. on said gift card.
  6. MyGiftCardsPlus transactions: This refers to the number of MyGiftCardsPlus purchase transactions made this month. If you set this goals to be more than 1, make sure you complete your purchases in separate transactions otherwise they will count as ONE despite having purchased multiple gift cards.
  7. Search and Earn wins: This activity was added last month and refers to the number of times you expect to win Instant Search Points when you do searches via MyPoints Search and Earn. It does not refer to the number of searches you make or the amount of Points you win. Search wins are random, but generally the more you search, the better your odds of winning. If you currently use MyPoints Search and Earn, check your account statement to ascertain on average how many times you win each month before setting this goal.

Use the Calculate button to see how different goals changes your potential bonus. You can Calculate your bonus as much as you want, but once you submit your goals they cannot be adjusted!

The bigger your goals, the more Points you can possibly earn, but keep in mind that survey, video, nCrave and grocery coupon inventory can fluctuate, so make sure to allow yourself some “wiggle room” so that your goals are ambitious, yet achievable.

Once you’ve submitted your goals, you can monitor your status via your Progress Tracker which updates every 24 hours from the last time viewed (scroll down to bottom of page to see when next update will occur).

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