Tuesday Tips: Why are my Points Pending?

When you make a purchase via MyPoints, the Points are awarded when the merchant reports the sale to us, but they will pend for approximately 32 days to allow for returns or cancellations.

These pending Points will show up as orange text on a white background in your account statement:

When the pending period end, they will appear as white text on an orange background and be added to your available (redeemable) Point balance:

Some MyPoints Deals offers also have pending periods while other may take up to 45 days for Points to be awarded. Please note details regarding Point-crediting or pending requirements in the offer details or disclaimer.

While most purchases have a pending period of 32 days, there are exceptions. Home Depot purchases may pend for up to 75 days while we wait for the merchant to approve the purchase.

Travel purchases will pend after travel is booked via MyPoints and will not unpend until up to 60 – 90 days after the travel has been completed.

If your purchase Points are still pending after the stated pending period, please contact our Member Services team for assistance.

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