Tuesday Tips: Why are surveys not for me?

MyPoints partners with market research companies to provide a variety of survey opportunities to our members. The data and feedback you provides these companies with valuable assistance in product development, marketing strategies and in other areas of their businesses.

Given the importance these companies place in the data, it is vital that the data we collect is accurate and reflective of the population being surveyed. To ensure that the answers provided are truthful and reflect the participant’s considered opinion or real-life circumstances, the surveys may include questions designed to test the participant’s attention to detail.

Not reading questions carefully, or choosing answers haphazardly, can lead to unreliable data. Researchers will include “quality control questions” which require a specific answer choice be selected so that they may identify and eliminate participants whose answers indicate that they are not fully engaged in the survey process.

These quality control questions may be asked at any point in the survey.  Failure to select the correct response, or inconsistent answers across a set of questions, may lead to termination of the survey. A pattern of inconsistencies across multiple surveys may cause members to be blocked from continued participation in MyPoints surveys.

Members can ensure they have access to survey opportunities by carefully reading the survey questions, instructions and response choices and then answering each question honestly. 

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