Tuesday Tips: How do randomized Point Perks work?

Many of you have been enjoying claiming free Points via our Point Perks. These codes are released usually once per day Mondays – Fridays at various times to accommodate different schedules.

In the past we’ve asked members not to share the codes, but now these codes will be randomized. This means the codes will be unique for each member and therefore cannot be shared.

There will be a base code that’s the same for all members appended with a string of random characters to make it unique.

We suggest you copy/paste the code to ensure that you are entering it correctly. If you’re using your phone or tablet, check out these tips for copy/pasting on mobile.

If you see a MyPoints Point Perks code posted on social media that is appended with a string of random characters, please note it will not be valid if you try to use it. Each unique randomized code is only good for one member and cannot be reused.

If the code is entered incorrectly, you will get an invalid code message.

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