Tuesday Tips: Why Did My In-Store Deals Receipt Get Rejected?

We’ve posted about how in-store deals work and the process of uploading your receipt. To ensure your receipt upload is successful, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure the date on your receipt is visible! Did you know that over 15% of all uploaded receipts get rejected just because of the date missing from the receipt? Of course you didn’t because we are just telling you now, but now that you know you have no excuses. Make sure that receipt image includes a date, preferably a valid one (hint: all deals have a valid eligibility window). 
  2. Right time, wrong store. Another pretty common mistake we see is during the upload process some members select a store other than the store on their receipt. This results in the receipt being rejected. We are working on making the store logos more recognizable but just like with your Algebra exam, check your work before you turn it in! 
  3. Right store, wrong time. Yup, you guessed it (or you read our hint up above), receipts must be in the eligibility window of the deal you are redeeming it for or it will be rejected. Save your old receipts for your accountant. 
  4. Quantity matters. 5% of all the receipts we have to reject are because the member did not buy the specified amount of the product (e.g. Buy 2: Chobani Greek Yogurt). Unlike that Algebra exam, we cannot give partial credit. Please make sure you read the offer details to make sure you are buying the right variety and the right amount. 
  5. No Sharing! We all wanna be a good friend but sometimes we have to show our buddies a little tough love. Please do not share receipts that have already been redeemed with someone else, those receipts will be rejected. And it’s going to feel like high school all over again for them. 
  6. No Duplicates! By the same token, please do not reuse your receipts. If you uploaded your receipt previously for MyPoints or Swagbucks, it cannot be reused for a different offer.

If you keep these tips in mind, earning Points for In-Store Deals will be a breeze!

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