Tuesday Tips: What’s the different between redeeming Points and purchasing a gift card?

There’s been a bit of confusion between redeeming gift cards and MyGiftCardsPlus transactions for Monthly Goals.

Redeeming your Points for a gift card has been a Monthly Goals activity up until November. This activity required members to cash in some of their Points for a gift card or other reward from MyPoints.

Redeeming a reward, for the purposes of Monthly Goals, is not SPENDING a gift card that you previously redeemed or purchased. Once a gift card is delivered via redemption or purchase, MyPoints has no way of tracking how or if it is used.

For details on how to redeem your Points for MyPoints Rewards (including gift cards, travel miles and PayPal), check out our blog post.

MyGiftCardsPlus is MyPoints Gift Card Store that allows members to earn Points per dollar and bonuses for making purchases with a credit card–like buying a Safeway gift card to earn Points for your next grocery shopping trip. For more details on MyGiftCardsPlus, check out our blog post.

As noted, redeeming rewards was not a MyPoints Monthly Goal activity in November 2019, nor is it an activity for December 2019. MyGiftCardsPlus transactions refer to purchases using a credit card at MyGiftCardsPlus, not redeeming Points for MyPoints Rewards.

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