Videos, nCrave, Daily Scoop to become MyPoints Watch

Currently there are a number of different ways MyPoints members can earn Points for video content: MyPoints video playlists, nCrave playlists and Daily Scoop playlists.

Starting in April, we will be consolidating these activities into one: MyPoints Watch.

If you earn Points with these different activities, here’s how it will affect you starting sometime in April:

  • There will be only one Watch-related activity for Monthly Goals in April. All MyPoints Watch activities will count towards this goal.
  • The Daily 5 will have one Watch activity in addition to voting in the Daily Poll, visiting the featured merchant, activating Score!, completing a MyPoints Deal offer, attempting a survey and completing a survey. The 8th activity will be a daily rotation of adding an in-store deal, linking an in-store shopping offer or add a deal via the Shoply app.
  • If you’ve previously had issues with access to videos or nCrave, there will be at least one Watch playlist available for all members each day.
  • If you have an Android device, the Daily Scoop will still offer ways to earn for completing Watch playlists.

We’ll keep you updated as to the exact date this change will take place, but we wanted to provide a heads up as soon as possible for those setting Monthly Goals for April.

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